13 UI Kits for Beautiful Mobile Apps

A UI kit is a great way to get started with the design for your next app. Each one comes with a complete set of assets for every part of your app's user interface, along with original PSD Photoshop files for easy customization. Make your app or game stand out with one of these kits.

In this article, I'll introduce you to some of the beautiful, professionally-designed UI kits available for mobile apps on GraphicRiver. Whether you're looking for a sprite set for your next game, a set of high-resolution app icons, or simply a complete app design with background and other assets, there is a kit for you on GraphicRiver.

Complete Designs

Let's start with all-in-one UI kits that can be used for any mobile app. Each of these kits comes with a large collection of designs for commonly-needed screens.

Bajing UI

Bajing UI kit sample screens

Bajing is a complete UI kit designed to help you design and prototype your apps faster than ever before. The kit comes complete with a set of 33 PSD files with layouts for common app screens. You'll find designs for login screens, user profiles, media players, and navigation bars. With the layered PSDs, you can customize or remix any one of these for use in your own app. 

Next eCommerce UI Kit

Next eCommerce UI Kit sample sale and checkout screens

Next eCommerce is optimized for e-commerce apps. With 35 distinct and stylish options for page layouts, you're sure to find something here that works for your next app. And nothing is left out: you'll find product pages, landing pages, as well as common screens like login or signup pages. One feature that sets this kit apart is that it includes Sketch design files as well as Photoshop PSDs. Not only that, but all shapes are vectors and can be completely customized.

Dark UI Kit

Dark UI Kit profile screen and dashboard

Dark UI Kit is a stylish light-on-dark UI design. With a flat design style, this would make a great starter for your next iOS app. The kit includes 12 PSD files, each one representing a different kind of screen and having editable layers as well as vector icons, buttons and shapes.


Limitless login media player and calendar screens

Limitless is an attention-grabbing, high contrast UI design that will make your app stand out in the app store. With a flat design and bold graphics, this app is modern, clean, and visually impactful. The UI kit comes with 20 different layouts for common screen such as a calendar, timeline, profiles, inbox, and music player. All the layouts are Retina-ready, all the shapes are vectors, and the PSDs are organized so it will be easy to customize the colour scheme.

Photo App UI Kit

Photo App UI Kit sample views

Photo App UI Kit is a clean, modern dark-on-light design that is perfect for building a photography or social media app. The UI kit is designed to look right on iOS or Android and includes 20 different PSD files for galleries, feeds, profiles, and navigation bars. Free fonts from Google complement the design and help set it head and shoulders above the pack.

Paycar App

Paycar App sample views

The Paycar App UI Kit has one goal: to help you design a great car sharing or booking app. With beautiful, full-screen map views, and layouts for all the screens a car-sharing app could need, Paycar can help make your app beautiful. 


Profile UI kit light and dark themes
Profile UI kit is a stylish and engaging design for a social media application with two themes: dark and light. With ready-made layouts for screens such as user profiles, engagement tracking, and news feeds, Profile gives you a leg up on the design of a social media app. The UI kit comes with customizable, well-structured PDF files, as well as a custom pack of 70+ social media icons. All assets are vectors, and the layout colours can be easily changed to match your client's branding.

Game Kits

So far, we've looked at some pretty serious app designs: car sharing, photography, and e-commerce. Let's lighten up a bit and look at some fun assets that you could use for your next mobile game!

Game of Kings

Game of Kings sample level

Game of Kings is a giant collection of assets for a fantasy game in flat relief style. This kit includes sprites, icons, monsters, tilesets and four luscious, seamlessly scrollable backgrounds. With bright colours and a bold but simple style, these assets are sure to dazzle and engage your users. Best of all, the images are all provided as vectors and can be resized, coloured or edited to your heart's content.

Top Down Racing Game Creation Kit

Top Down Racing Game Creation Kit cars and track
The Top Down Racing Game Creation Kit is a popular asset package that has everything you might need to build a racing game. Instead of a flat, vector aesthetic, this kit opts for photorealistic cars and landscapes, including tileable terrain, modular track segments, and highly-detailed cars with transparent lighting effects.

If the included cars aren't enough for you, the author has created an expansion kit with even more vehicles!

Sweet Game Asset

Sweet Game Asset title and level background
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sweet Game Asset. This game kit comes with a seamless background and enough candy sprites to fill a jack o'lantern. Not only that, but it also comes with a set of UI elements: popups for completing levels, colourful, candy-like buttons, and an easy-to customize game logo. This kit contains everything you need to create a candy-themed game—toothbrush not included.

Flat Jetpack

Flat Jetpack sample game with sprites and level background

Flat Jetpack is a platformer game template with a fresh and colourful style. This kit has a full tank of assets, including seamless game backgrounds with parallax, animated character and enemy sprites, terrain, animated water, effects and more. Not only that, but it comes with a complete pack of user interface elements. This game kit will launch your next app into the stratosphere!


Wireframing is a vital part of the UI design process. Not only do wireframes help you understand your app better and plan its implementation, they also let you communicate your app design idea to the client.  

App Wireframes UI Kit

App Wireframes UI Kit is a tool for sketching simple, beautiful mobile app wireframes. Just drag and drop elements within the included template to create clean, attractive user behaviour flow charts. These charts and simplified screens will help you map out your app and it will help your clients understand the planned content and layout of each page.

Simple Mobile UI Wireframe Design Kit

Simple Mobile UI Wireframe Design Kit printable app design with comments

Simple Mobile UI Wireframe Design Kit has a creative approach to improving your UI design process. The kit includes a template with drag and drop screen elements. There are 57 of these included wireframe UI objects—just arrange them into an idea for an app screen. The template has a gridded background and is meant to be printed so you can pass it around to others for comments or corrections. Design. Print. Edit. Repeat!

Grab a UI Kit Today!

You can put one of the designs above to use right now, or check out some of the other UI kits available for sale on GraphicRiver. In addition to UI Kits, CodeCanyon also sells complete app templates. Learn more about them right here on Envato Tuts+!



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