Foundation HTML5 Canvas (Free Copies)

Rob Hawkes, author of our popular Canvas from Scratch session recently released his fantastic new book, Foundation HTML5 Canvas. This book is unique in that it introduces the HTML5 canvas element from more of a gaming angle. Even better, we've got some free copies to give out!

Learn how to become a true master of HTML5 canvas in my new book. In it, I teach you how to use all the major features of canvas, including how to animate with physics and how to create two awesome space games.
- Rob Hawkes

Free Copies

I'm pleased to announce that Rob and Apress have agreed to offer a few free copies to some of our lucky readers! To enter, simply leave a comment below, and write either an HTML5 or Canvas tip. Tweet length (a sentence or two) should do just fine. Next week, we'll contact a few of you with instructions for downloading your free book!

Thanks again to Rob for writing this book. Be sure to pick up a copy if it could be of use to you!



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