Android Book Giveaway Winners Announced!

The results from our Android book giveaway are in! Read on to see who won.

What We Gave Away:

SAMS Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours

Four autographed copies of SAMS Teach Yourself Android Development in 24 Hours, authored by our very own Android contributors Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey.

Giveaway Winners

Luke Rohenaz

Alex Hedley

Thanks for the book, and thanks for being such a fantastic resource for the flourishing mobile development community. This will certainly be put to good use!

Alex Hedley

Alex Hedley

Wow, this is Fantastic! I've been dabbling in mobile development, so this book will be a great addition to my collection. I'm looking forward to creating a new app. Many thanks!

John Slater

Alex Hedley

I've purchased several SAMS books in the past and recently purchased the iPhone Development book which was a great way to begin learning the iPhone SDK and to begin making apps. I hope that with this Android book I will quickly learn development techniques for another platform and open new avenues for my mobile applications. Thank you Mobiletuts+ for your great tutorials and for hosting this fantastic giveaway.

Kayo Yamada

Alex Hedley

Programming: best done whilst sipping hot chocolate on a cold day.



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