New Course: Building a Web App From Scratch With AngularJS

AngularJS is an amazing front-end framework that has a very novel approach to building web applications, completely unlike any of the other frameworks you might be used to. If you're curious about how it works, and how you can use it to create powerful web apps, check out our new course, Building a Web App From Scratch With AngularJS

What You'll Learn

In this course, web developer Andrew Burgess will show you all the core components of Angular, and how they work together to build a complete application. 

During the course, you'll create a web app from scratch using AngularJS. We'll take you through the whole process, step by step, starting with nothing at all and ending up with a complete, working address book app. 

Along the way, you'll learn all about the core features of the framework, and will pick up some useful skills that you can use to start developing your own web applications with AngularJS.

Watch the Introduction

Start Learning for Just $15

You can take our new AngularJS course right now: take a look at the Tuts+ subscription options to get started. Or you can buy this course individually for just $15!



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