20 Awesome WordPress Social Media Plugins—For Social Sharing

Looking for some WordPress social media plugins for social sharing?

I am always on the lookout for something new for my next project. Sometimes it's about looking good in a particular theme, other times it about the features, and sometimes you just need a little extra something to maximize social sharing.

Here are 20 awesome WordPress social media plugins for social sharing on Envato Market that I've gathered. I've included full-featured sharers, simple sharers, content lockers, and more.

1. Social Image Hover For WordPress

Social Image Hover allows you to quickly and easily add hover-over social buttons to your images on-the-fly making them instantly “shareable” on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Social Image Hover For WordPress

Some of the features include:

  • Includes powerful tinyMCE toolbar plugin that allows you to easily create social hover images!
  • Powerful site wide support allows you to enable Social Hover on ALL your site’s images automatically! No need to apply tags or classes to images!
  • Responsive image support! Social Image Hover auto detects images with no set dimensions and makes them responsive!
  • Button layout support! – Choose to show butons in all four corners of your images, and the center.
  • Full support for alignleft, alignright, and aligncenter!
  • Cool animated button hovers! – Fallback to CSS hovers for unsuported browsers!
  • Each button can be customized with it’s own settings such as page URLs, which buttons to show, etc.
  • And much, much more.

You can see what all it offers as well as purchase the plugin on the product page.

2. AccessPress Social Pro

This WordPress social media plugin is very well balanced in its focus and approach to social sharing.

AccessPress Social Pro is brimming with style options and themes.

AccessPress Social Pro

Here's a peek at its beautiful feature set:

  • 5 animation types—or keep things static
  • easy widget and shortcode setup
  • 25 themes for the social counter
  • 24 themes for the social sharer
  • and more!

Throw in some auto update APIs, cache settings, and WooCommerce and BuddyPress compatibility, and you've got yourself a solid social media sharing plugin.

Connect your WordPress site to 27 different social media networks with AccessPress Social Pro.

3. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the best value for the number of features included.

And if you're not really interested in the sheer number of features alone, there is one particular feature that really stands out.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

The detailed analytics included is one of the best I've seen.

Some of the other notable features include:

  • over 40 popular social networks
  • 14 different premium modules
  • multiple automatic triggers
  • 22  display positions
  • and much more!

You'll also find share counter recovery included with the share counter, email subscription forms, and even after share actions.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is an easy choice.

4. Ultimate Social Deux

Ultimate Social Deux takes a straightforward approach that anyone can appreciate.

Adding social sharing and fan counters is super easy with this WordPress social sharing plugin, and they look great, too.

Ultimate Social Deux

As you dig into this WordPress plugin, you'll find:

  • more than 22 fan counters
  • over 20 display locations
  • 25 plus social buttons
  • over 8 different skins
  • and more

You can also use shortcodes, and there's a wide array of integrations it supports.

Ultimate Social Deux is a wonderful WordPress plugin for social sharing.

5. Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs for WordPress

This Facebook Plugins for WordPress is the ultimate and most advanced plugin to integrate Facebook Plugins, Dialogs and Facebook comments into your blog or website. 

It’s using WordPress shortcodes to make it very simple to add a Facebook plugin or dialog into any blog post or page.

Facebook Plugins Comments  Dialogs for WordPress

Take a look and what all you can do with this plugin:

  • 8 widgets ready to be customized (Like button, Send button, Follow button, Share Button, Page Plugin, Embedded Posts, Embedded Videos, Comments (New))
  • Automatically add a Like Button to all your posts or pages.
  • Automatically integrate Facebook comment to all posts and pages.
  • Easy way to customize the look and options of the plugins.
  • A way to disable the WordPress default comments.
  • All widgets are supporting unlimited instances (based on the WordPress Widgets API )
  • Customize in which posts and pages the automatic like button, and Facebook comment are displayed

And if you're interested in more, be sure to check it out on the plugin page.

6. WordPress Social Sidebar

WordPress Social Sidebar is specifically designed for placing a well-designed social sharing sidebar on the edge of the browser window.

WordPress Social Sidebar

You'll have:

  • 4 color schemes and label styles
  • custom color and image options
  • Font Awesome Icon support
  • 3 link shapes, 2 sizes
  • and more

Place the sidebar automatically or manually, define mobile options, and you can even add multiple link types within the sidebar, giving you the ability to use it as a website menu.

WordPress Social Sidebar focuses on one thing and does it the best of any other WordPress social media plugin for social sharing.

7. Born For Share

There are a lot of social sharing plugins for WordPress and even more that have not been updated for a long time. While I've only included plugins that have been updated more recently, I also wanted to highlight a more recent release from a smaller developer.

Consider Born For Share:

Born For Share
  • place in four different positions or opt for a pop-up window
  • includes share counter and text-to-tweet
  • supports 32 social media networks
  • touch friendly and fully responsive
  • and more

While you're on the hunt for a WordPress social media plugin for social sharing, why not consider Born For Share?

8. ShareIt - Shareable Content Snippets for WordPress

Now we begin to transition away from the catch-all social media plugins for social media sharing.

With ShareIt - Shareable Content Snippets for WordPress, for instance, the focus is on sharing specific content within WordPress as outlined by the admin or author.

ShareIt - Shareable Content Snippets for WordPress

Easily create content blocks—like images, text, links, or all three, depending on the social network—and affix a social media share button to this content within your page.

  • Pinterest supports a description, image, and link
  • Facebook supports the most robust options
  • Tumblr uses the text and source
  • Twitter can share text and a link
  • etc...

ShareIt - Shareable Content Snippets for WordPress isn't your typical social sharing plugin. It's a WordPress social media plugin to augment your typical social media share button bar.

9. Social Network Tabs For WordPress

Now you can include social media feeds within your website without having to place social network favorites.

Include up to 16 different social network feeds in one place with the plugin Social Network Tabs For WordPress.

Social Network Tabs For WordPress

Features include:

  • 69 different feed options
  • AJAX for loading feeds
  • slide out or static tabs
  • drag and drop UI
  • and much more

Easily customize and place Social Network Tabs For WordPress via plugin settings, shortcodes, or custom fields.

10. Tweetlab - Twitter Slider & Usercard For WordPress

Display your tweets in a fancy way with this Twitter slider, you can show the tweets of a user, a search, or a hashtag.

Tweetlab - Twitter Slider  Usercard For WordPress

The features of simple, straightforward plugin include:

  • Show tweets of an user, search or hashtag
  • The slider can be horizontal or vertical, with a lot of options to personalize it
  • Setup the speed of the transitions, display or not avatars which controls do you want for the slider etc.
  • Shows the information of your twitter account, checkout the twitter card!

And sometimes, it's the simplest plugins that can be the most effective, right?

11. Viral Popup Share

Add some social media "pop" to your website with Viral Popup Share.

Pick a trigger, configure your action, and increase your social media action.

Viral Popup Share
  • add a social popup after a YouTube video plays or by the user scrolling
  • enable cookies to avoid visitor spamming
  • choose between three different popup boxes
  • easy to use
  • and more

If you're looking for more Facebook likes and shares or want to include another layer of action following YouTube videos, Viral Popup Share is the WordPress social sharing plugin for you.

12. Exit Through Social Share

Ask your visitors to share your page before they leave using Exit Through Social Share.

Whenever a user clicks on an outgoing link, a pop-up gives users the chance to share the page before being redirected away.

Exit Through Social Share

Features you'll find include:

  • shortcodes supported within popups
  • edit content with WYSIWYG editor
  • adjust delay period before redirect
  • uses cookies for returning users
  • and more

Exit Through Social Share provides just the right options for configuration—and increases social sharing from new visitors leaving your site.

13. Social Locker for WordPress

Just because your content is free, doesn't mean it shouldn't come with a price.

With a WordPress plugin like Social Locker for WordPress, you can place any content behind a "share to unlock" button.

Social Locker for WordPress

Features include:

  • ask users to sign-in instead of sharing
  • blur or hide blocked content
  • connect to Google Analytics
  • 4 types of locks
  • and more

Social Locker for WordPress should be your first consideration when considering unlockable content via social sharing.

14. Super Social Content Locker

Super Social Content Locker is super and offers a little different feature set than the aforementioned WordPress content locker plugin.

Place it anywhere within your website using a shortcode or as a standalone sidebar widget.

Super Social Content Locker

Unlock content by:

  • voting a preset number of times
  • following on social media
  • filling out and submitting a form
  • sharing on social media
  • becoming a member
  • playing a video ad
  • using the "rate us" option

Super Social Content Locker is more than just a way to get some social media shares. It's a full-featured content locker.

15. WordPress Article Social Share

The Article Social Share plugin adds a sleek social bar in your articles and pages, to boost your page views.

WordPress Article Social Share

Some of the features of the WordPress Article Social Share Plugin are:

  • See Share counter from the posts/pages list in the wp-admin side
  • Light and Dark predefined styles
  • Posts, pages and custom post types supported
  • Display the social share icons on index pages including the home page
  • Responsive Layout
  • Change Icons order
  • Facebook, G+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Buffer, Vkontakte, Print, Comments.

And there are even more.

16. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin is another fine option for setting up a "social share to pay" for content and general use share buttons.

Social Share  Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

Setup share options for 44 different social media networks and:

  • 10 social media sharer themes
  • share and follower counter
  • 8 content locker themes
  • 2 overlock themes
  • smart targeting
  • and much more

Easily add this to your WordPress theme using the shortcode generator and admin settings.

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin is brimming with options and good looks.

17. TweetDis - Make Any Phrase Tweetable

A little birdie told me that TweetDis - Make Any Phrase Tweetable is a great way to increase your Twitter shares.

This plugin really does sing.

TweetDis - Make Any Phrase Tweetable

You can:

  • use the provided templates or customize your own
  • configure tweet boxes and tweet pop-ups
  • enjoy the HMTL5 and CSS3 styling
  • set up custom links
  • and much more

TweetDis - Make Any Phrase Tweetable is one of the more advanced Twitter social sharing plugins you can find.

18. Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

All the plugins I've outlined to this point focus on the website visitor sharing content. This plugin, however, is solely designed for the website admin to automatically share content—specifically on Pinterest.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin is a plugin designed for you to wire it up, configure it, and then let it do its thing.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

A few of the features include:

  • automatically detects the correct boards
  • automatically detects images
  • automatically links to posts

It also has:

  • custom field image support
  • custom post type support
  • WooCommerce support
  • tag support

And a whole lot more.

This has to be one of the most robust WordPress social media plugins for Pinterest.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin is impressive.

19. DW Reactions Pro - WordPress Plugin

Here's a plugin that adds social media features to your website.

Using DW Reactions Pro - WordPress Plugin, blog readers can react to your content with far more than just a thumbs-up or star.

DW Reactions Pro - WordPress Plugin

The reactions are very similar to those now found on Facebook. But this plugin has more than just pretty faces:

  • includes most reactions widget
  • reaction statistics
  • reaction counters
  • multiple styles
  • and more

This is by far the funnest plugin of these 20 awesome WordPress social media plugins.

DW Reactions Pro - WordPress Plugin is :D

20. Social Auto Poster - WordPress Plugin

Social Auto Poster lets you automatically post all your content to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, BufferApp. The whole process is completely automated.

Social Auto Poster - WordPress Plugin

These are just some of the main features you'll find with this plugin:

  • Ability to post content on all your linked Facebook Accounts.
  • Ability to shorten long URL into a tiny URL.
  • Schedule your posts to configured social network.
  • Each Post, Page, or Custom Post Type on your blog have individual settings in Metabox to set different title, account, text, template, link etc.
  • Unique URL generated each time for wall post to avoid duplicate content error.
  • A clean & user friendly admin UI to manage everything.

But there's more and they are all featured on the main product page.


As you can see from this roundup, social media sharing is a lot more than a colorful bar filled with icons. Not only from a plugin feature set perspective but from an online marketing approach as well.

You can learn more about how to generate social media activity with social locker plugins, how to systematize your online marketing or many other social media tutorials offered by Envato Tuts+.

Find more awesome WordPress social media plugins for social sharing on Envato Market.

What are some of your favorite social media sharing plugins?



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