WordPress Cheat Sheets: The Loop Visual Model

With the popularity of our old WordPress cheat sheet, we've decided to fire up a new batch of these quick pocket guides that you guys n' gals can download, save to your phones for a fast reference, or even print out and keep next to your desk while you're working on customizing WordPress to do your bidding. Today's cheat sheet: The Loop Visual Model!

The Loop is easily one of the most powerful and crucial pieces of WordPress to understand, and while there's a lot already written about it, it's also just nice to have a quick reference for the loop in the event that you need a fast refresher.

This is a quick visual model that can be a great helper when trying to wrap your brain around the loop for the first time (or the thirtieth!). It doesn't include everything that you can possibly do with it (ie: comments.php isn't even shown), but it's a simple model that should pair nicely with coded examples.

Don't Miss...

Don't miss out on Our Beginners Guide to The_Loop(), or our Advanced Guide to WordPress Queries, which plays right into the content of this cheat sheet.

Oh, and we'll be doing our best to keep these sheets updated as WordPress grows into new versions, but if you spot an error (or just want to send some love), let us know in the comments!



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