Process Payments With Stripe and Laravel Cashier: HTTP vs. HTTPS

Screenshot from course on Processing Payments With Stripe and Laravel Cashier

Stripe is a payment-processing service that comes with a suite of easy-to-use APIs and powers e-commerce for businesses of all sizes. Stripe makes it easy to implement secure credit-card transactions while providing your users the convenience of in-page checkout. Not only that, but Stripe has built-in support for subscriptions and recurring billing.

Laravel is the perfect back-end technology for implementing a Stripe-powered store. Along with Laravel's built-in object-relational mapping, routing and authentication functionality, there is also native support for Stripe with Laravel Cashier.

In this short video tutorial from my course on Processing Payments With Stripe and Laravel Cashier, I’ll look at how and when we should be using a secure connection. I’ll also show you a few options for generating and installing a certificate.

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In the full course, Process Payments With Stripe and Laravel Cashier, I'll show you how to process payments on Stripe using Laravel Cashier. 

We'll cover a number of key topics, including how to prepare your database for payments and pointers to the security concerns you should be aware of when handling cardholder data. 

You'll also learn how to process single, one-off payments for an online shopping cart, and even how to handle Stripe subscriptions.



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