New from Envato: The Easiest Way for Web Devs to Get Design Work Done

As we’ve talked about before on Nettuts+, sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with all the skills, languages and tools you need to learn to be a great web developer.

In an ideal world we’d be masters of back-end, front-end and graphic design, but being truly great at any one of those three things is, on its own, a full-time challenge.

Many of us eventually realize that we should focus only on the skills we love to use, and let others help us with the rest.

For web developers, the skill we often decide we’ll never be able to master is design.

And yet, we struggle on with websites and apps we know look less than great because we don’t have the time to get truly good at design, or we lack the time, energy and money to collaborate with a talented designer.

Envato (the people behind Nettuts+) have recently launched a new service, currently in beta, that aims to solve this problem: Microlancer.


What is it?

Microlancer makes it easy for web developers to access design services that are:

  • Affordable - prices are fixed and stated upfront for different types of jobs.

  • Discoverable - browse service providers and find someone with a style and approach you like.

  • Predictable - service providers state upfront how fast their turnaround time will be and how many revisions are included in the price.

  • Good! - service providers are reviewed for quality and must provide several work examples.

Rather than committing to a big project upfront, services are broken down into smaller pieces and priced individually. For example, rebranding your web development business might involve the following services:

  1. Detailed, Illustrated Logo Design by DesignSyndicate ($475)

  2. Single Page Responsive Web Design by kamleshyadav ($200)

  3. Creative Professional Business Card Design by ShermanJackson ($60)

  4. Twitter Background, Header Design & Customization by Alex_Yves ($70)

These are actual services and prices currently on Microlancer, and with these, a complete rebranding with logo design, website, business cards and Twitter graphics would cost $805.


Though Microlancer is a great place to get work done for your own business, it’s also an excellent place to outsource any design work that clients need done. Prices are fixed, so it’s easy to calculate your profit margin on any given job.

On Microlancer, services are sold in a shop-like format, where they can be browsed and purchased individually. Though the vast majority of jobs proceed without a hitch, any issues that occasionally do arise can be resolved with Microlancer’s robust and fair dispute resolution process. Trained members of the team are on-hand to ensure that all users who play by the rules have a great Microlancer experience.

Here’s a quick preview of the kinds of things you can get done on Microlancer:

If you haven’t yet, why not take 2 minutes to explore Microlancer?

Become a Service Provider

On Microlancer, users who provide services for buyers are called -- you guessed it -- service providers. Microlancer in its beta form currently offers graphic design services exclusively. If you have some design chops as well as code clout, you may be eligible to sell design services on Microlancer and unlock a new source of income.

Learn more about becoming a service provider on Microlancer.



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