Make More Money as a Web Dev + Awesome Desktop Wallpaper

Envato, the people behind Nettuts+, have created a new avenue for web developers to earn an income doing what they love.

It’s called Microlancer, and we’ve recently started allowing freelancers to offer web dev services like PSD to HTML, WordPress plug-in development, and website customization.

You can set your own prices, turnaround time, and the terms of your services. We connect you with buyers who pay upfront to work with you. It’s an awesome new way to earn an income doing simple web dev jobs without having to worry about quotes, bidding, chasing up payment, invoicing, or self-promotion. We bring buyers, you do the work, Microlancer takes care of the rest, and you get paid.


Over $130,000 jobs have been sold to date on Microlancer, and twenty of our design service providers are into the thousands of dollars in gross earnings.

If you’d like more web development work, consider joining Microlancer to sell your web dev services.

If you love to code but struggle with design, Microlancer’s designers can help with things like logo design, web design, app icon design and much more.

If you currently have more work than you can handle, Microlancer is an excellent place to outsource jobs.

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Why Microlancer is Better for Freelancers

Other freelance marketplaces:

  • Bidding for jobs in a race to the bottom
  • Sending job proposals that are never acknowledged
  • Confusion around payment terms and payment methods
  • Disagreements around deadlines
  • No minimum prices, and constant undercutting as a result
  • Chasing up clients who don’t pay, or don’t pay on time
  • Complex time-tracking and surveillance software


  • No job bidding
  • Clients pay for jobs upfront
  • Microlancer handles payment collection
  • You choose the turnaround time you’ll offer
  • Minimum prices for each category
  • Payment is collected upfront and released after the job is completed
  • You choose a fixed price for each service you’ll offer

Why Microlancer is Better for Buyers

Other freelance marketplaces:

  • No review process for freelancers
  • Confusing payment schemes and ambiguous pricing
  • Copy and paste job proposals and bids
  • Hard to evaluate freelancers
  • Unclear process for resolving disputes


  • Freelancers are reviewed for quality work
  • Payment is clear and upfront
  • No bids, no proposals, buyers select freelancers
  • Work examples provided upfront
  • Simple and transparent dispute resolution process

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Freelance Nirvana Desktop Wallpaper

Do work you love and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s the concept behind Microlancer’s official desktop wallpaper, available in several desktop sizes, as well as for Android, iPhone and iPad.


Download the Microlancer Desktop Wallpaper Pack (.zip)



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