10 Best Weather App Templates

CodeCanyon offers a wide range of application templates to get your app project up and running quickly. In this article, I'll show you the top ten weather templates you can choose from to kick start your own weather app. 

Android App Templates 

Simple Weather 5.0

This is a simple weather template with two screens—the main screen which contains the weather info and the settings screen to control the units. Along with an attractive layout, its notable features include five day weather forecasts updated every hour, the ability to add multiple locations, and also AdMob integration. This template is already integrated with the OpenWeatherMap API, but you can easily customize it to any other API if you want. Why don't you give it a shot by downloading the APK from the Play Store? 

Simple Weather 50 template screenshots


Weminder is a single-screen app template. It has a visually appealing UI and some eye-catching features including automatic location detection for weather updates, seven-day weather forecasts, and the ability to set alerts for weather information. It's also set up with AdMob and Google Analytics and is compatible with the latest Android version. You are free to try out the app by downloading the APK to see if it fits your needs. 

Weminder app template screenshots

Map Tracking 

If you need something more than just a simple weather app, then Map Tracking might fit your needs. This material design app is packed with awesome features such as location-aware weather updates, a speedometer, embedded Google Maps, and AdMob integration. An Android APK is freely available for you to download, so you can give it a try!  

Map Tracking app template screenshots

Weather App

This template is a simple Material Design app with a beautiful UI and clean layout. The app tracks your current location—if given permission—and displays detailed weather information for both the current day and seven-day weather forecasts. You can also search for weather information for any other location. You should really check it out by downloading the APK

Weather App template screenshots

Weather Pro - Météo

Weather Pro is an Android template with a unique style and added rich features such as the ability to change the UI theme, seven-day weather forecasts for either your current location or another, ability to change the temperature units to either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and AdMob integration. The app is freely available on the Google Play Store for you to try it out!

Weather Pro app template screenshots

News App 

News App is a Material Design Android app template that is more than just a weather app. It has a weather widget that displays both the current weather information using the device GPS sensor and also the five-day weather forecast. But it also has features like news feeds, authentication (through Google, Facebook or email), notifications, and an admin panel powered by Firebase. An APK is available for download so that you can try it out and decide if it is right for you!

News App template screenshots

iOS App Templates 

Simple Weather V1

Just like the name says, Simple Weather is a very simple Swift 3 app template, and it supports all iOS versions through iOS 10. Users can search for weather info by location or use location awareness, they can get the latest four-day weather forecast, and they can change the app configuration in the settings screen. It's AdMob ready if you want to use Google's ad network as your app revenue model.

Simple Weather V app template screenshots

Weather App

This template is built for both the iOS and watchOS platforms. A Swift 3 app, it has a simple and clean UI. Users can get the current weather information for any location in real time—both on their phone and on their watch. It's compatible with the latest iOS 10 and watchOS 3. 

Weather App template screenshots

iOS City Guide - Sleep, Eat, Enjoy

iOS City Guide is a Swift 3 app template that offers much more than a vanilla weather app. Apart from the real-time seven-day weather forecast, it's also packed with other features such as live updating information on hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs. If you want more than just an ordinary weather app, you might want to consider iOS City Guide. It's compatible with the latest iOS 10. 

iOS City Guide app template screenshots

Store Finder 

Store Finder is another iOS app template that is more than just a weather app. Store Finder is packed with features such as the ability to locate a store—and it has a weather feature that fetches and displays the current weather information for a location. 

Unlike most of the iOS apps in this list, it is written in Objective C, so if that is your language of choice, Store Finder might be the template for you. It also includes a PHP back-end and Google Maps integration. This app template is compatible with iOS 10. 

Store Finder app template screenshots


App templates are a great way to jump start your next development project, or to learn from other people's work. This article lists just a few of the popular mobile app templates available on Envato Market. If you are looking for inspiration or you're building an application and need help with a particular feature, then you may find your answer in some of these templates.

Put one of these templates to use right now, or check out some of the other templates for complete apps available on CodeCanyon. Learn more about them right here on Envato Tuts+!



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