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Do you want to learn more about the Swift programming language? How about Laravel, Android Wear, or Javascript promises? Our latest batch of eBooks will teach you all you need to know about these topics and more.

Some of our latest eBooks for subscribers

What You’ll Learn

In the past couple of months we've made 16 new eBooks available for Tuts+ subscribers to download. Here’s a selection of those eBooks, and a summary of what you can learn from them.

1. Game Development With Swift

Apple's new programming language, Swift, is fast, safe, accessible—the perfect choice for game development! Packed with best practices and easy-to-use examples, Game Development With Swift leads you step by step through the development of your first Swift game.

By the end of this book, you will be able to create your own iOS games using Swift and SpriteKit.

2. Mastering Laravel

PHP continues to revive and Laravel is at its forefront. Laravel follows modern PHP's object-oriented best practices and reduces time-to-market, enabling you to build robust web and API-driven mobile applications that can be automatically tested and deployed.

With Mastering Laravel you will learn how to rapidly develop software applications using the Laravel 5 PHP framework.

3. Android Wearable Programming

Android Wearable Programming will introduce you to the very popular Android Wear platform with hands-on instructions for building Android Wear applications. You will see how to create basic and custom notifications for your apps, synchronize data from the wearable device with the handheld mobile device, and much more. 

4. Learning Ionic

In Learning Ionic, you will learn hybrid mobile application development using Ionic. This book uses Cordova 5.0.0, Ionic CLI 1.5.0, and Ionic 1.0.0 to explain the concepts and build apps.

By the end of this book, you will be able to develop a hybrid mobile application from start to finish, and generate device-specific installers.

5. Learning Data Mining With Python

The next step in the information age is to gain insights from the deluge of data coming our way. Learning Data Mining With Python teaches you to design and develop data mining applications using a variety of datasets. In every chapter, you'll learn new algorithms and techniques, and create models that solve real-world problems.

6. Mastering JavaScript Promises

JavaScript is a tool for the gurus who create highly useful applications, but it has some limitations. To overcome these limitations, a concept called JavaScript promises is rising rapidly in popularity. Promises make writing complex logics more manageable and easy.

Mastering JavaScript Promises will show you how to implement promises in platforms used in project development including WinRT, jQuery, and Node.js.

7. Learning AWS

With the increasing global interest in leveraging cloud infrastructure, AWS Cloud from Amazon offers a cutting-edge platform for architecting, building, and deploying web-scale cloud applications. 

In Learning AWS, you'll learn about the various cloud services models and the design implications of multi-tenant applications. You'll then design, implement, and deploy a multi-tier, scalable, highly-available and secure application on the AWS platform. Finally, you will learn how to automate your cloud infrastructure and set up operations, application monitoring, and DevOps pipeline.

8. Swift by Example

Swift by Example is a fast-paced, practical guide that shows you how to develop iOS apps using Swift. Through the development of six different apps, you'll learn how to use either the right feature of the language or the right tool to solve a given problem.

By the end of the book you will be able to build well-designed apps, effectively use AutoLayout, and develop a video game.

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