Take Your Ruby Skills to the Next Level With Our New Course Bundle

Recently, we offered a free short course to help you Create an Image Gallery in Ruby. In just seven short videos, Tuts+ instructor José Mota showed you how to build your own image gallery app using Ruby, Sinatra, Sequel and Carrierwave.

That course turned out to be very popular, so we thought we'd offer you a chance to build on what you learned by taking more of José's Ruby courses. 

In our new bundle, Ruby Essentials, you'll learn about testing Ruby with RSpec, building a store with a payment gateway in Rails, building a CMS with Rails, and more. In total you'll get six full-length video courses, all for just $39.

Here's an overview of what's on offer:

Essential Ruby Libraries

In this course, you'll learn how to use the standard libraries that come bundled in with every installation of Ruby. You'll discover how to:

  • manipulate YAML, CSV and JSON data
  • apply delegation for better
  • fetch content from the web using Net::HTTP and the URI library
  • build Rake tasks
  • manage files

You'll be amazed how much can be accomplished using only the standard Ruby libraries! Each library will be taught with simple examples and exercises that you can adapt for your own programming problems.

Testing Ruby With RSpec

With the latest major release of RSpec, testing in Ruby has become even more powerful. New matchers, a better API and more power to the user through configuration are just some of the features in version 3. Join Ruby expert José Mota and improve the way you test your Ruby code with RSpec.

Service-Oriented Architecture for Authentication in Ruby

This course demonstrates an approach to a service-oriented architecture. We will use Ruby to create a authentication system that’s based on the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol: a single-sign-on / sign-off protocol for the web. Through the use of object oriented design, you will be able to create a Sinatra application that implements the aforementioned protocol specification, along with a demonstration client application that will consume those services.

Build a Store With a Payment Gateway in Rails

Learn how to create a Rails application that shows your products off, allows customers to select them for purchase and also place orders so goods are delivered to them. We'll focus on data model design and on integrating Rails with Braintree to process financial transactions.

Gang of Four Design Patterns in Ruby

Have you been programming for a long time? If so, have you faced any situation that has come to be quite hard to solve? A feature that needs change but affects other features? A bug that’s hard to solve because it affects more than one place in your code? Learn the classical design patterns from the Gang of Four, applied to the Ruby language.

Build a CMS With Rails

This course will show you how to build a content management system (CMS) using Ruby on Rails. We'll build up the most important functionality of a real-world CMS one piece at a time, with a careful approach to design.

Start Learning for Just $39

If you want to learn more about these topics, just head over to Ruby Essentials and take all six courses for just $39. Or you can subscribe to Tuts+ to get access to these courses and hundreds of others for $15 a month.



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