New eBooks Available for Tuts+ Subscribers

Do you want to master jQuery? How about Laravel 5, Backbone.js, or Node.js? Our latest batch of eBooks will teach you all you need to know about these topics and more.

Our latest collection of eBooks

What You'll Learn

In the past couple of months we've made 14 new eBooks available for Tuts+ subscribers to download. Here's a selection of those eBooks, and a summary of what you can learn from them.

1. Mastering jQuery

Mastering jQuery has been written not only to help maximize your skills with core functionality in the library, but also to explore some of the more intriguing ways of using the library to achieve real-world solutions that could feature on any website or online environment.

2. Meteor Cookbook

Meteor is an incredibly powerful, impossibly fun platform used to build modern, responsive web and mobile applications.

Starting with simple recipes designed for quick reference, and culminating in advanced recipes that walk you through building and deploying a complete application, Meteor Cookbook covers all the major areas of Meteor development, including lesser-known and undocumented features. 

3. Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS

Whether you are just getting your feet wet in cloud infrastructure or already creating complex systems, this book aims at describing patterns that can be used to fit your system needs.

The initial patterns will cover some basic processes such as maintaining and storing backups as well as handling redundancy. The book will then take you through various other patterns, before finishing with advanced patterns on Operations, Networking and Throw-away Environments.

4. Backbone.js Essentials

Backbone.js Essentials offers insight into creating and maintaining dynamic Backbone.js web applications. It delves into the the fundamentals of Backbone.js and helps you achieve mastery of the Backbone library.

5. Node.js By Example

Node.js By Example covers Node.js fundamentals and teaches you how to use its technology to architect a project. It shows you how to manage an application's assets and how to implement the Model-View-Controller pattern. The next few chapters demonstrate how to develop the features of your social network. It also empowers you to communicate with a database, including storing, retrieving, and deleting data. The book ends by discussing the most popular ways to test your user interface in an efficient way.

6. R Data Analysis Cookbook

Data analytics with R has emerged as a very important focus for organizations of all kinds. R Data Analysis Cookbook empowers you by showing you ways to use R to generate professional analysis reports. It provides examples for various important analysis and machine-learning tasks that you can try out with associated and readily available data. The book also teaches you to quickly adapt the example code for your own needs and save yourself the time needed to construct code from scratch.

7. WordPress 4.x Complete

This book will serve as a practical guide for everyone who intends to become an online publisher, website owner, or even a website developer. It takes you from the basic features of WordPress to helping you choose and install various themes, develop your own themes, and more. 

8. Laravel 5 Essentials

If you haven't had the opportunity to dive into Laravel yet, then Laravel 5 Essentials will be the perfect companion, as it covers the fundamentals Laravel is built on in a thorough yet easy-to-follow manner. By the end of this book, you will be able to create robust PHP websites and web applications quickly and efficiently.

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