Kickstart Your iOS Career With These 6 Courses

Do you want to develop apps for iOS devices?

If so, these six courses will give you the solid foundation you need. With expert guidance from Envato Tuts+ instructors Derek Jensen and Markus Mühlberger, you'll see what's new in iOS 10 and learn all the fundamentals of Swift, the programming language that developers use to create iOS apps. Then you'll move on to more complex topics like unit testing and creating Apple TV apps.

1. What's New in iOS 10

With every new version of iOS, Apple introduces a bunch of new features and enhancements to the developer experience. These are especially exciting to the mobile development community, because they create whole new possibilities for the kinds of app we can code for our users.

In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Markus Mühlberger will show you some of the coolest new features for developers in iOS 10. You'll learn how to make a sticker pack, create a custom extension, provide haptic feedback, and even have a conversation with your users with SiriKit!


2. Create iOS Apps With Swift 3

Swift is a programming language from Apple, designed specifically for creating iOS, macOS, and watchOS apps. Swift has a powerful type system for safe programming and adds many features to make the lives of programmers easier. Even though it's only a couple of years old, Swift is already very popular with iOS developers.

In this course you will learn how to use Swift 3 to create iOS apps. Whether you're new to iOS app development or are looking to make the switch from Objective-C, this course will get you started with Swift for app development. You'll learn about all the basic features of the language, from variables to classes. You'll also get an introduction to using Xcode for app development as you follow along with Markus implementing the course project: an interactive Fibonacci sequence viewer.


3. Up and Running With Swift 2

This course will start from the foundations to give you a thorough understanding of the Swift language. It will introduce Swift's types, control flow and object-orientation syntax, with a special emphasis on the features that make Swift unique. 


4. iPhone App Development With Swift

Whether you are a seasoned iOS developer or just getting started, it pays to learn how to use the Swift programming language for your next app. Swift is the future of application development for Apple platforms, and this course is the perfect way to get started.

In this course you will learn how to use Swift to build an iPhone app from scratch. You'll learn the basic concepts behind creating any iPhone app with Swift, and then you’ll build a simple app to practice your skills.


5. Unit Testing With Swift and XCTest

The process of creating an iOS app doesn't stop with the creation of functional code. At some point you will need to verify that the code you have written satisfies all of your project's requirements. In this course you'll learn how to do just that for your iOS and Swift code.

Xcode 6 has a built-in testing framework called XCTest that will allow you to quickly and easily write unit tests in order to verify your code. Get started now and learn how to successfully write basic tests and verify your code using XCTest.


6. Create an Apple TV App With Swift

As time goes on in the world of development targeting the Apple platform, we continue to find new and exciting ways to engage consumers. The newest Apple platform allows us to engage our audience while they are sitting in their living room, or anywhere with a television. With Apple TV, you can now write apps that inform and entertain your users in a whole new way.

In this course, you'll learn the basics of creating a tvOS app that can run on an Apple TV. You'll learn to use Swift to create a tvOS app: an Envato Tuts+ magic 8-ball that helps users decide the next language they want to learn on Envato Tuts+.


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