10 Best Restaurant App Templates

CodeCanyon offers a wide range of application templates to kickstart your mobile app project. In this article, I'll show you the top ten restaurant templates that you should consider for your next restaurant app.

Android App Templates

Your Restaurant App

Want a restaurant app template that fulfils both users' and administrators' needs? Then this template is for you. 

Your Restaurant App is a Material Design template that can get your intended restaurant app running almost immediately. This template has cool features needed in any restaurant app such as menus, images gallery, news, location, social, reservations and push notifications powered by Firebase for user engagement. It also has an admin back-end for general management of the app. 

You should try it out by downloading the app from the Google Play Store and see for yourself! 

Your Restaurant App template

Restaurant Finder 

Restaurant Finder is an Android app template for finding nearby restaurants. App features include food and price ratings by users and a restaurant gallery. Users can also track their favourite restaurants. Users can easily find their way to a restaurant with the help of a built-in map, powered by Google Maps. 

This template also ships with a PHP Admin back-end and AdMob integration. You can also give a restaurant a call right from the app. You are free to try out the app by downloading the apk and see if it works for you!

Restaurant Finder app template

iOS App Templates

Restaurant Finder

This template is for apps on the iOS platform. Users can easily find a restaurant and can make reservations by call, email, or SMS. Not only that, the template is also packed with features such as restaurant search functionality with querying by zip code, restaurant name, or food being served. Map integration is included for easy directions, as well as a customer profile and review feature. You even have the ability to filter restaurants by food cuisines. 

Restaurant Finder

The app is also supported by an admin web dashboard which is shipped together with the template, where an administrator can add new restaurants, new food categories, special offers, and more. 

Restaurateur iOS 

This iOS app is packed with lots of useful features and flexibility for either a single restaurant or multiple restaurants. What also makes this template really unique is the shopping cart and checkout functionality, allowing users to purchase meals online for takeout or home delivery. 

This app template also has features such as searching for nearby restaurants, item inquiries, reservations, user profiles, and support for Apple Push Notification Service. 

Restaurateur screenshots

This app template also includes a back-end for general management of the system. It has a really nice UI and an easy navigation system. You should check it out!

Food Delivery System for Restaurant

This app template is useful for a single restaurant. Its features include the ability to search and order specific items as well as cart management, reservations, reservation reminders, and Admob integration. This template also comes with a PHP admin back-end, for configuring details of the restaurant. 

One thing I really like about this template is the cool UI animation! Compatible with all iOS versions through iOS 9. An Android version of the Food Delivery System template is also available on CodeCanyon.

Food Delivery System template

Restaurant IOS Template

This app template is compatible with iOS 8 and 9 development environments out of the box, but an up-to-date iOS 10 and Swift 3 version is available on request. Features include a menu, with descriptions and photos for each item, as well as a restaurant gallery, social media integration, and contact details. 

There is no back-end to manage with this template—it works offline and is configured via XML. It also has Google Analytics integration. This simple iOS template is simple to set up and easy to navigate. 

Restaurant IOS template

Cross-Platform App Templates

Restaurant App Template - React Native

This app template is a React Native mobile app that works for both the Android and IOS platforms. The template has a unique and attractive user interface and some notable features: multi-language support, order management, push notifications for user engagement, PayPal payment integration, and a Firebase-powered admin dashboard for general management. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and try it out today. 

Restaurant App Template  - React Native

Restaurant Ionic

This app template is a cross-platform Ionic app template for a single restaurant. Some of the more interesting features include colour themes to choose from for app branding, Firebase back-end integration, categorized menus, restaurant finder with built-in map, special offers, and a shopping cart. 

For engagement, you can send push notifications, and the app includes social network integration so that users can view the restaurant's social media profile. You can download the Android apk file to check it out for yourself!

Restaurant Ionic App template

Crunchy - Restaurant Booking

This app template is packed with functionality that is needed for any restaurant app built on PhoneGap and the Ionic framework. This cross-platform app template features easy payment integration with PayPal and Stripe, social media login with Facebook or Google+, and a back-end platform built on the CodeIgniter PHP framework

An Android apk is available, so you can download an example app made with this template. Try it out, see how it feels, and then make your decision!

Crunchy Restaurant app


This is a very clean and easy-to-use Ionic 2 restaurant app template. Features include a splash screen, food menu, shopping cart, and user profile. This template does not come with any ready-made back-end, but you can easily implement your own service with the back-end provider of your choice. It's also easily customizable. Why don't you give it a shot by downloading the apk and see if it fits your needs? 

Caetano app template


App templates are a great way to jumpstart your next development project, or to learn from other people's work. This article lists just a few of the popular mobile app templates available on Envato Market. If you are looking for inspiration or you're building an application and need help with a particular feature, then you may find your answer in some of these templates.

Put one of these templates to use right now, or check out some of the other templates for complete apps available on CodeCanyon. Learn more about them right here on Envato Tuts+!



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