Quiz: Do You Know How to Secure WordPress?

Do you think you know how to secure WordPress? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of WordPress security.

WordPress Secure Setup Guide

WordPress is, generally speaking, a relatively easy system to install and have ready to work on in a short space of time. However, it’s also easy to inadvertently do so in a way which leaves your site open to hackers, lagging in the search engines, or loading at a snail’s pace.

In Kezz Bracey’s latest course, WordPress Secure Setup Guide, you’ll learn how to set up your WordPress sites in a way that will enhance their security, give them a strong SEO foundation, and optimize their speed. You’ll also learn how to handle a few other bits and pieces you’ll need for pretty much every WP site you create.

Follow Kezz as she starts at the very beginning, and walks through every step right up to the point your site is finely tuned and ready for content to be added.



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