Improve Your Angular Skills in Our Coffee Break Series

Do you want to learn more about AngularJS? It has become the go-to framework for many web developers, who find it an all-in-one solution for quickly building front-end single-page web applications.

We've put together a series of Coffee Break Courses designed to teach you AngularJS in small, bite-sized chunks. Each course takes just ten minutes or so, and teaches you a single, useful skill. So far, we've covered:

Here's some more information about each of the courses:

1. Testing Angular Directives

Angular directives require a slightly different approach to unit testing than other Angular components such as services or controllers. In this Coffee Break Course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Dan Wellman will show you how to take an existing Angular app and add tests for its directives with Sinon, Jasmine, and Karma. You'll learn how to initialise any modules used by the app, and how to create dummy markup for the directive to bind to.

Watch the introduction below to find out more.

2. Testing Angular Controllers

If you haven't unit tested an Angular application before, you might not be aware that there are some extra features that you can use to make testing easier, such as hooking into Angular's dependency injection, and using angular-mocks for a range of test-friendly utilities.

In this course, Dan Wellman will show you how to take an existing Angular app and add tests for its controller. You'll learn how to create a new scope and how to create an instance of the controller and associate it with that scope. You'll also see how to inject dependencies and how to stub methods in dependencies.

Watch the introduction below to find out more.

3. Advanced Angular Directives

Directives are one of the least-understood features of Angular. In this Coffee Break Course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Reggie Dawson will show you how to build an Angular directive with a dynamic template. The display template will be chosen based on the type of content passed to the directive. This directive is built to be easily extensible so that more templates can be added easily.

Watch the introduction below to find out more.

4. Sharing Data Between Angular Controllers

One of the limitations of AngularJS is the difficulty of communicating between controllers. You'll be learning with Reggie Dawson again as you discover some simple techniques for sharing data between Angular controllers. You'll see how to pass data with services, and you'll also learn a trick for passing parameters along with router state.

Watch the introduction below to find out more.

You can take our series of Coffee Break Courses straight away with a free 10-day trial of our monthly subscription. If you decide to continue, it costs just $15 a month, and you’ll get access to hundreds of courses, with new ones added every week.

We've got more Angular courses in the works too, so stay tuned.



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