5 Free Copies of Test-Driven JavaScript Development

In addition to donating an excerpt of his excellent new book to Nettuts+, Christian and Pearson books have also been generous enough to provide us with five digital copies of the book to give away.

How to Win a Copy

Despite the fact that the JavaScript language has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years -- in both features and popularity -- it's still one of the most least tested languages. Why do you think that is? Leave a comment and let us know your honest opinion. On November 22nd (EST), we'll choose five winners, and send them a free copy of the book! That's all there is to it.

5 Free Copies of Test-Driven JavaScript Development

Tired of console.log-ing your way out of trouble? Weary from constant fear of cross-browser issues? Scared of making even the slightest change to production code? Test-Driven JavaScript Development teaches you how to solve those issues and more using unit tests and TDD. Rich with examples, the book provides a solid foundation on automated testing, a test-driven walk-through of JavaScript's unique qualities, and five practical examples of building solid, reusable, cross-browser JavaScript using TDD.



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